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An EPC certificate tells you how energy efficient your property is, just like the multi-coloured stickers you see on new domestic appliances tell you how energy efficient the appliance is. The ratings vary from “G”, the most inefficient rating indicated with a red colour, and all the way up to “A”, meaning very efficient and shown as dark green. The purpose of the EPC certificate is to give you an indication of how much it will cost you to heat and light the property, and how much CO2 the property emits.

The idea behind an EPC is both to inform you of what you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your property, and hence save money, and also to show how attractive the property is from an energy perspective for potential buyers.


The EPC register both stores existing certificates and allows homeowners to find a registered domestic energy assessor to conduct a review of their property.

It also allows anyone having an energy performance review undertaken to check whether the inspector is properly accredited.

Once a property has a certificate, it is placed on the EPC register, where certificates can be easily retrieved. EPC certificates are valid on a property for 10 years.


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